Katryna Baker Photography specializes in artistic and creative family & children photography. Capturing lifes moments and events through illustrative images that you will be able to reflect on for years to come!



 My name is Katryna, freelance photographer, who has had the great pleasure of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It is hard to live in such an area and not develop a natural love for the picturesque images that the Northwest has to offer. My love for photography first began back in 2000 when my grandfathers vintage Yashica TL Electro flim camera was passed down to me. This was very same camera my grandpa took with him to capture his adventures in Antartica.

I first began working with black/white film and spent a lot of time photographing outdoor elements/landscape as well as getting acquainted with studio photography and lighting. I would develop my own film and enlargements in the dark room of my high school. I soon realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the creative license through the eye of a lense and decided that this was going to be my hobby moving forward. Since then I’ve moved up from the good old Electro and upgraded to Canon Digital SLR’s, however I still treat every photography opportunity as a way to learn something new and express my inner creativity, all while telling a story!

My early developed love and admiration for photography has transcend into capturing many of life’s moments for friends and family. My hopes are that you will be able to find a common value and artistic interest and be able to see the art of photography!

– Katryna (Baker) Young