Egge Beach Wedding

This lovely couple was wed in Costa Rica a month before so we recreated their wedding on the beaches of WA with their new family! The day was perfect and their pictures looked like something out of a fairytale! Congrats Egge’s, so happy for you both and the beautiful family you have brought together. _MG_3752-Edit _MG_3758-Edit _MG_3768-Edit _MG_3802-Edit2 _MG_3843-Edit _MG_3849-Edit _MG_3864-Edit _MG_3868-Edit _MG_3896-Edit _MG_3988-Edit _MG_3997-Edit _MG_4006-Edit _MG_4037-Edit _MG_4059-Edit _MG_4073-Edit _MG_4113-Edit _MG_4165-Edit _MG_4263-Edit _MG_4282-Edit _MG_4293-Edit _MG_4316-Edit _MG_4367-Edit _MG_4397-Edit bride dandelions dave jojo logan ring savannah shoes ring